How to unlock iPhone 5 in Fido Canada

  • Unlock the code for Fido Canada PREMIUM iPhone

How long do I have to wait for the SIM lock code?

Waiting time for iPhone Fido Canada SIM lock is 2 to 5 working days.

How much do I pay for a SIM lock?

Promotion service !!! Valid now to lower the price
The cost of a SIM lock is Price 6.99 EUR
These are the only costs associated with removing the SIM lock. Once removed, the SIM lock will not be reset.

This service enables you to unlock the iPhone from Fido Canada PREMIUM SIM lock. The SIM lock unlocking is based on assignment of the IMEI number of the Apple database. Thanks to our method, the iPhone is permanently unlocked and after a software update through the iTunes program, the SIM lock is no longer reset. The software version is irrelevant for unlocking the SIM lock. We serve all firmware versions.

After the end of the service you should:
iPhone 5 and newerPlease select another operator, insert SIM card network and start the Wi-Fi, the phone will be unlocked automatically
iPhone 4S and older , Please select a different operator. Insert SIM card, please connect your mobile phone to the computer, with USB cable, start iTunes, and the mobile phone will be unlocked.

After unlocking the mobile phone, you can use all SIM cards worldwide.

This service only supports Apple iPhone cell phones on the network Fido Canada. If your iPhone is running on a different network, please go to Simlock iPhone.