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Fix the app on the screen of Android smartphones

If parents give their smartphone out of their hands for a while so that the offspring can play or watch a film, they want to be sure that the child will not do anything else with the device during this time. For androids, the “fix screen” or “pin screen” function is the method of choice in this context.

This must first be activated in the settings under Security. Depending on the device, you can then set that the device is locked directly, or that the PIN is requested when someone unlocks it.

To fix an app, start it and then open the overview of the most recently opened apps with a tap on the corresponding area in the home button bar. At the top right of the app miniature view there is a small button to start the app pinning - or to open a small menu in which the pinning function can then be found.

A pinned app can be removed in most cases by pressing the “Back” and “Overview” buttons at the same time. Depending on the model, the device is then blocked directly or you have to enter the PIN to unlock the app.

From: APA / dpa