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Flashed: Points for a speed violation

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Anyone who is flashed can collect points

It is no secret that motorists who drive at excessive speed, one fine take risk. Will such speeders with a particularly high Over speeding flashed, can in addition Points in Flensburg and a driving ban of one to three months applies.

It is of course relevant how fast You were traveling. Even that vehicle makes a difference for the score in a certain way, because the catalog of fines distinguishes between a simple one Cars (cars), trucks and buses with and without passengers.

When does that pull flash Points in Flensburg after yourself? Does it matter to the points where the speed camera was standing? If you are also asking yourself these questions, you have come to the right place, because we will explain them to you below. Also, here's what happens when you're in the Probationary period be flashed and get points.

FAQ: Blitzed - Are there any points in Flensburg?

When do I get points if I am flashed?

If you exceed the speed limit by car, points are awarded in Flensburg at speeds of 21 km / h or more. In the event of a red light violation, there is usually always one or two points.

How many points can there be?

Since a violation of the speed limit or, for example, a red light violation is considered an administrative offense, there is usually no more than two points. Only traffic offenses are sanctioned with three points if the driver's license is withdrawn.

Can I get rid of points?

Yes, every five years this is possible as part of a fitness to drive seminar for those drivers who do not have more than five points in the register of fitness to drive.

Speed ​​camera costs

The cost of speed cameras varies depending on the offense. If you've been flashed and More about the individual speed camera penalties want to know, please select the appropriate category here:

When are there points when flashing?

Particularly high speeding can be done with a Fine of up to 680 euros be punished. With such amounts it is not surprising that too Points in Flensburg be credited.

Have you been flashed and fear points? Not everyone Speeding violation is punished so severely. truck have to from 15 km / h expect a point too quickly. Has the vehicle dangerous goods loaded or is it a bus that Passengers promoted already exists at 11 km / h too fast a point.

Cars and motorcycles on the other hand, those who are flashed earn points if more than 20 km / h too much was measured. The table below also shows that there are differences between violations in and out of town gives.

Were you flashed so that two points you usually have to pay a Driving ban for at least one month calculate. Most speed violations that two points in Flensburg are also with one Driving ban connected.

Blitzer: The points table provides an overview

Have you been with a Cars, trucks or even a bus flashed, the points for exceeding the speed vary. This is due to the fact that large and heavy vehicles are im Road traffic Can do more harm, especially if you carry dangerous goods or transport passengers.

Subsequent table gives you an overview of all speeding violations that come under the radar and Points in Flensburg can lead to.

Vehicle...too fastPointsIs it worth an objection?
Car, motorcycle21-30 km / h (urban and extra-urban)1check here
31-40 km / h (out of town)1check here
from 31 km / h (urban)2check here
from 41 km / h (out of town)2check here
Truck, busup to 15 km / h for more than 5 minutes or more than two times1check here
16-25 km / h (urban and extra-urban)1check here
26-30 km / h (out of town)1check here
from 26 km / h (urban)2check here
from 31 km / h (out of town)2check here
Vehicles with dangerous goods or buses with passengers that are subject to labeling11-15 km / h (urban)1check here
up to 15 km / h for more than 5 minutes or more than two times1check here
16-20 km / h (urban and extra-urban)1check here
21-25 km / h (out of town)1check here
from 21 km / h (urban)2check here
from 26 km / h (out of town)2check here

Flashed during the probationary period: more than points in Flensburg?

One point in Flensburg only when the speed limit is exceeded more than 20 km / h. From 21 km / h there is a so-called A violation, that is, a serious offense. The Trial period extended from two to four years. In addition, a Advanced seminar arranged.

Anyone who is flashed again in such a way that points accumulate receives one written warning and the recommendation to participate in a Traffic psychological advice. After a third speed violation of this size, the Driver's license revoked.

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