Who says cos instead of because

Use of "instead of" and "instead of"

First of all, it is important to know the two words instead of and instead of have the same special features and are absolutely interchangeable. In a sentence, both can have the function of a preposition in the sense of "instead" as well as that of a conjunction in the sense of "and not". If they are used as a preposition, they are combined with the genitive: Instead of / instead of the money, she gave him all of her jewelry. Instead of / instead of the assistant doctor, the senior doctor was honored. Instead of / instead of sensible walking shoes, she wore dainty sandals. Only if the genitive cannot be recognized formally, i.e. That is, if the genitive plural is identical with the nominative or accusative plural, both words are connected with the dative: Instead of / instead of words, I want to see deeds. With your cholesterol level, you should eat more fruit instead of / instead of eggs.

Instead of and instead of but can also in the sense of “and not”, i. H. used in the function of a conjunction; in this case, the subsequent case depends on the verb in the sentence: I gave her instead of / instead of her father (= and not her father) the hand. They named Kurt as chairman instead of / instead of his brother (= and not his brother).

In the conjunctive function, instead of and instead of often, infinitive groups are also connected. It is important to know that these infinitives, regardless of whether they are placed before or after, must always be separated by commas: Instead of doing his homework, he was surfing the Internet again. Instead of / instead of doing the necessary shopping, he disappeared into the next pub. She dreamed to herself instead of listening to the teacher.