Ksat tv personalities who smoke

Caution, danger to life: smoking stars

Not long ago it belonged Smoke naturally to everyday life. Photos of celebrity stars with a cigarette in the corner of their mouth were considered cool and had a correspondingly negative influence on the population. Numerous well-known films and TV series from earlier decades were Hardly conceivable without smoking leading actors. And even on German television was unabashedly quizzed in front of the camera for all it was worth - not only in commercials. Here nicely presented the development of smoking.

Movies, series and TV shows with smoking stars

Feature films and television series have long been shown to contribute Popularity of smoking at. The Poses of the stars with Cigarettes in the corner of the mouth often even wrote film history. In his role as detective Philip Marlowe, the American actor legend Humphrey Bogart fished one cigarette after the other out of the pack, lit them with relish and looked casually into the blue eyes of his female actresses.

Praised in advertisements famous actors like John Waynewho also died of cancer, cigarette brands for their special gentleness, their relaxing effect or for the positive effect on the (smoky) voice. By the mid-fifties it became unrestrained promoted tobacco use with famous testimonials. Only then were smoking and lung cancer gradually linked. Today you hardly ever see smoking stars in Hollywood productions.

In August 2015, the actor Jude Law , who enjoyed a break from filming the TV series "The Young Pope" to the fullest - with a cigarette. That the secretly shot photo of Law smoking caused a stir, maybe because of that Pope costume that he wore during his smoking breakbecause he was in front of the camera as Pope Pius XIII.

At German film sets are Cigarettes are also the exception today. It works during rehearsals, on stage and even during interviews well-known character actor Ben Becker like ex-Chancellor Helmut Schmidt often to the dump. Also Actress Katharina Thalbach and fellow actor Armin Rohde still like to smoke and a lot. However, according to its own statements, at least Rohde would like to stop doing this.

Politicians, aristocrats and athletes also take up cigarettes

Also Politicians are not immune to the smoke truck. The former US President Barack Obama wanted to counteract his stress with nicotine for many years. He eventually managed to quit smoking. But the Fight against the nicotine was a personal challenge for him, as his wife Michelle revealed. Incidentally, the German should also Chancellor Angela Merkel once smoked to have. At the beginning of her steep political career in the Federal Cabinet, she is said to have sought relaxation while smoking.

Prominent smokers One finds also in the European aristocracy. Queen Margrethe of Denmark is passionate about smoking, even at public festivals. Some see her as the coolest monarch in Europe, others consider her a bad role model. The Danish queen is supposed to drink around 60 cigarettes a day and is therefore jokingly referred to by parts of the press as the volcano queen.

Amazingly there are even high-performance athletes who smoke. The former Soccer player Mario Basler, Klaus Augenthaler and Werner Lorant took up cigarettes regularly. Coach Jupp Heynckes Augenthaler was never able to stop smoking at FC Bayern. As a trainer, Augenthaler always made sure that he was never photographed with a cigarette. Stefan Effenberg smoked in front of TV recordings and often one cigarette after the other at Oktoberfest.

Today's generation of players shows itself rather not with a cigarette in public. Nevertheless, Bundesliga stars can always be caught smoking. In August 2011, football fans were amazed Smoking photo of national player Mesut Özil. The star was sitting bare-chested on a luxury boat and suckled with relish on a stick - Özil said he hadn't noticed that he was being photographed.

It shines especially on her cigarettes American actress Mary-Kate Olsen to hang. Not only that you see her with cigarette in hand all the time. According to media reports, there was even the same at their wedding Buckets of cigarettes for their guests, which led to a lot of blue haze and certainly also to headaches for one or the other wedding guest.

It's not just celebrities who use e-cigarettes more often

Celebrities have them too Difficulties,quit smokinglike a common man. However, it seems more and more people to switch from cigarettes to steamy e-cigarettes. The most prominent user of e-cigarettes is arguably the Oscar winner Leonardo di Caprio. From Actor Johnny Depp There are now numerous photos and videos showing him both privately and in front of the camera with an e-cigarette. Apparently it is Electronic cigarette is a real alternative for many celebrities to the classic cigarette.

The tobacco is in an e-cigarette through one Liquid with nicotine-containing liquid replaced. If you pull on an e-cigarette, a negative pressure is created and the resulting vapor is inhaled into the lungs. What many consumers appreciate about the e-cigarette is that you not only get the aroma, but also the Flexibly vary the nicotine content of the liquid itself can and in the end can even smoke completely nicotine-free.

Besides, the Use of e-cigarettes mostly also (still) permitted in places where smoking has been strictly prohibited for years. In addition to nicotine in the desired dose, e-cigarettes contain no other substances dangerous for the lungs like tar. The long-term health effects of the substances inhaled during electronic smoking have not yet been conclusively researched.