Eurodin 1 mg corresponds to how much mcg

Convert mg and µg to IE / IU: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E

The fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E are usually given in German-speaking countries with their weight (mg or µg). µg are sometimes called mcg abbreviated, 1000 micrograms (µg / mcg) are 1 milligrams (mg). In some cases, however, international units are also given instead of mg / µg. International units are used in German as “I.E.” abbreviated, in English "IU"

Confused? No problem, the conversion is relatively easy.

Vitamin A conversion mcg <-> IU

To convert vitamin A as retinol present from µg:
From IE / IU to mcg: IU * 0.3 = mcg

For example, 5000 IU of vitamin A (retinol) * 0.3 = 1500 mcg.

From mcg to IU one calculates mcg / 0.3 = IU. Example: The nutrient reference value in Europe is 800 µg of vitamin A as retinol. This corresponds to: 800 µg / 0.3 = 2,667 IU

If vitamin A is present as beta-carotene, a substance that can easily be converted into vitamin A by the body, one calculates:

From IU to mcg: IU * 0.6 = mcg

For example: 5000 IU * 0.6 = 3000 mcg beta-carotene.

Conversely, the IU is calculated from the mcg: mcg / 0.6 = IU

Vitamin D conversion IU <-> mcg (cholecalciferol as vitamin D3)

Vitamin D is found in foods and food supplements as cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). The calculation of IE and mcg is the same for vitamin D2.

Conversion of IU to mcg: IU * 0.025 = mcg of vitamin D.

For example, 400 IU of vitamin D3 * 0.025 = 10 mcg of vitamin D3

From mcg to international units IU one calculates: mcg / 0.025 = IU

Example: 5µg is the NRV for vitamin D, multiplied by 40 results in: 200 IU correspond to the NRV of 5 mcg vitamin D.

Vitamin E (mostly RRR alpha tocopherol)

The conversion of vitamin E is a little more complex because there are different forms of vitamin E.

To convert vitamin E, which is available as DL-alpha-tocopherol (see label!):
From IU in mg: IU * 0.9 = mg
For example: 30 IU * 0.9 = 27 mg

From mg to IU: mg / 0.9 = IU

To convert vitamin E when it is present as D-alpha-tocopherol:
From IU in mg: IU * 0.67 = mg.
For example: 30 IU * 0.67 = 20.1 mg
From mg to IU: mg / 0.67 = IU

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