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Casey the Raccoon

Casey the Raccoon ("Casey the Raccoon") is a story from the New Animated Adventures-Comic series from IDW Publishing.

Details [edit | Edit source]

  • Initial release: November 12, 2014
  • output: TMNT: New Animated Adventures #17
  • story: Paul Allor
  • drawings: Billy Martin
  • Colours: Heather Breckel
  • text: Shawn Lee
  • Editor work: Bobby Curnow

Continuity [edit | Edit source]

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Occurring characters [edit | Edit source]

Plot [edit | Edit source]

While Donatello is busy with a mutagen experiment in his laboratory, Michelangelo and Casey fool around nearby. That this cannot go well in the long run becomes apparent when Michelangelo sweeps his opponent's legs off the floor; if he falls, Casey ends up in the middle of the laboratory table and knocks it over. Michelangelo first checks out Donatello, who got off well, but when he tries to check on Casey, he cannot find him.

In search of his friend, Michelangelo stumbles upon a raccoon rummaging around in an overturned garbage can. When the little animal gets its head in Casey's mask when it comes out, Michelangelo has no more doubts: Casey has been transformed into a raccoon by the mutagen! With good persuasion, Michelangelo tries to persuade "Casey" to come with him and get help. But the raccoon runs away out of sheer fear of him and flees into the sewer system. Michelangelo clings to his heels, after some effort is able to catch the animal again and bring it back to its hiding place.

In the meantime, however, it turns out that Casey has neither transformed nor left the hiding place, but only lost power from the impact. When Casey and the other Turtles are looking for Casey's hockey puck in the devastated laboratory, Michelangelo bursts into them with the raccoon in his arms, finally noticing his mistake and thus letting the raccoon walk again. But when he turns back to Casey, he sees him rummaging in the overturned garbage can for his puck. Once again convinced that Casey still has something of a raccoon, Michelangelo immediately goes into the kitchen to prepare a pizza with a garbage topping for him.

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Reprints [edit | Edit source]

  • New Animated Adventures TPB # 5 (June 2015)

German publications Edit source]

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The New Adventures #***