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Improve WiFi - 3 easy ways

How do you measure the WiFi signal?

Before you learn the following chapter to learn how to improve WiFi connections and achieve the highest possible transfer speeds, you should know how to use WiFi. Measures WiFi signal. The good news: measuring a WiFi signal is a lot easier than it sounds.

In practice, all you need is an app for WiFi analysis and site surveys like NetSpot. This easy-to-use program for macOS and Windows computers was developed for normal computer users, but with the needs of professionals in mind.

As a result, NetSpot is seen as the simplest native software for WiFi location analysis for Mac and Windows, which allows anyone to measure the WiFi signal instantly with just a few clicks.

NetSpot offers two modes for WiFi analysis: discover and analyze. The former immediately collects every detail about WiFi networks in the area and presents WiFi data as an interactive table, the latter can create interactive heatmaps with detailed information about all surrounding networks at every point on the map.