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Dear visitors,

We are very pleased that you would like to find out more about the current measures and our current offers before visiting us at the zoo.

We have therefore summarized the most important questions and answers about the current situation for you:

FAQ about visiting the zoo during the corona pandemic
FAQ about the reservation of the zoo tickets


FAQ about visiting the zoo during the corona pandemic

1. "Are you open?"
Yes, we are finally open again and that every day at the usual summer opening times from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

2. "Are there any restrictions on admission?"
Yes! Due to the official order, we have a daily admission restriction. You can differentiate between entry in the morning and afternoon. You can find more information in the online shop.

3. Do I have to show a negative Corona test result?

Admission is only possible with the certification of a negative antigen self-test for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus! Vaccinated persons are exempt from the obligation to test from the 15th day after the second vaccination.


What is the maximum age for the test result? The test result may not be older than 24 hours.

For which people does the test obligation apply? The test is compulsory for everyone over the age of 14.

Do vaccinated people also have to show a negative test result? No. From the 15th day after the second vaccination, there is no compulsory test for vaccinated people. Even those who have recovered with evidence do not have to prove a negative test result.

Does the test have to be carried out by a competent person? No, the self-test can be carried out independently by anyone. Alternatively, you can have a corona test carried out in a test center.

I tested myself at home. Do I have to bring the test with me when I visit? For admission, please do not bring the test yourself, but the completed certificate (self-assessment or certificate from the test center) with you when you visit the zoo.

Can I do a test on site? Yes, that is possible! Information on this can be found under point 3.1.

What happens with my data? We do not save your data. It is sufficient to show the certificate.

Do I still have to wear a mask? A negative test result does not release you from the mask requirement in our closed buildings such as the cashier building. We also recommend wearing a mask in the rest of the park.

Where can I find the form to certify a negative corona test result?

You can download the form HERE and print it out at home.

3.1. The test center at Nordhorn Zoo

There is also a Test center at the parking lot of the zoo. You can use the drive-in procedure as a driver, pedestrian or cyclist free Submit your sample. After 15 minutes you will receive your result on your mobile phone. The test center is open Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., including on public holidays. Appointments can be made online at be reserved. The test center can be used by everyone and not just for visitors to the zoo. For every test carried out there, the zoo receives € 0.50 as support.

4. "Do I have to register before visiting the zoo?"
Yes. Please buy a ticket in our online shop before your visit. This also applies to members of the association and annual ticket holders. You can find the shop here. You can choose from two periods of time for your visit.
You can find our online shop here.

Children under 4 years do not need to be registered and do not need a ticket.

Dogs pay normally at the checkout and do not have to be registered in advance.

Do you have a severely handicapped ID?

As before, severely disabled people with ID only pay the “Species Protection Euro” as admission. To do this, select the ticket “Species Protection Card Severely Handicapped” in the desired time corridor in the online shop, fill in the documentation for tracking completely and truthfully and bring both with you to the zoo.

Severely disabled people with a “B” in their ID do not need to book a digital online ticket for their companion. Here it is sufficient if the severely disabled person identifies himself at the cash desk with his ID and the ticket “Species Protection Card Severely Disabled” and reports the companion there. The companion must of course be entered in full on the data sheet for subsequent documentation.

5. I am a member of the friends' association. Do I have to register online beforehand?
Yes, the registration requirement applies to all visitors. Simply buy a 2-euro reservation ticket in our online shop and show it at the cash desk at the booked time. In return for the 2 euros, you will receive a food bag worth 2 euros at the checkout.

6. I am an annual ticket holder. Do I have to register online beforehand?
Yes, the registration requirement applies to all visitors. Simply buy a 2-euro reservation ticket in our online shop and show it at the cash desk at the booked time. In return for the 2 euros, you will receive a food bag worth 2 euros at the checkout. Annual family cardholders also only pay 2 euros for the whole family.

6.1. I have an annual ticket voucher. Can I redeem this?
Annual ticket vouchers can be exchanged for an annual ticket at our service point. To do this, a € 2 reservation ticket per person must be purchased in the online shop and a visitor period must be selected. This is necessary due to visitor restrictions.

Children under 4 years do not need a € 2 reservation ticket.

7. Is there a documentation requirement?
Yes, for the visit, the traceability data sheet must be completely and truthfully filled out for all visitors and handed in at the checkout. We store the data in accordance with the legal requirements and then destroy them.

8. "Do I have to wear mouth and nose protection in the zoo?"
A mask is required in closed rooms. We recommend wearing a nose mask on the entire site. You can purchase a mouth and nose protector at the cash register.

9. Is my annual pass still valid?
The validity of the annual pass can be easily checked with the number given on the chip cardhere to be checked.

10. I was unable to fully enjoy my annual pass last year due to the corona restrictions. Does the zoo accommodate the annual ticket holders here?
Of course! We are delighted that so many supported us with their annual pass last year. That was an important financial and moral support!
That is why we have a great support offer for everyone who wants to extend their annual pass and continue to visit the zoo. Find out more HERE.

11. I have decided not to extend my annual pass. What about my "lost time" due to the official closure last year.
We of course very much regret that the annual ticket should not be extended during this challenging time. But of course we will also meet you in this case. In the event that you do not want to extend your annual pass, we will extend the annual pass for the period of the officially ordered closure. To do this, you simply have to report to the service point the next time you visit.Here you can see the options for annual ticket holders.

12. "Can I borrow a wheelchair / handcart from you?"
Yes, this is still possible. For more information, please visit our general FAQ.

13. "Is the restaurant in the zoo open?"
We take care of your physical well-being. The interior areas of the cafeteria and “De MalleJan” will remain closed for the time being, but we have “To-Go” offers for you at various points in the park and offer everything from French fries, sausages, ice cream to coffee and other non-alcoholic drinks at.

14. "Is the playground open?"
Yes, you can play again on our outdoor playgrounds. The Max Adventure Land remains closed for the time being.

15. "May the animals be fed the animal park feed as usual?"
Yes, this is possible again! As usual, you can get our pet food and something delicious for our budgies at the checkout.

16. "Is the rescue center open?"
No, unfortunately our rescue center will remain closed for the time being.

FAQ about the reservation of the zoo tickets

1. I cannot book online. Is that also possible over the phone?
No, unfortunately that will not work.

2. How does the booking in the online shop work?
Please take a look at our infographics in the last few posts. Everything is explained there.

Children under 4 years of age do not need a ticket. The ticket for dogs is bought as normal at the cash desk.

3. I have no way of paying online. What should I do?
Tickets cannot be reserved over the phone. If you cannot pay for it online, it is best to stop by our online shop shortly before your visit. Under the tab "Tickets and Vouchers - Ticket Pre-Registration" you will find the remaining allotment of the activated days. Then look at your preferred time to see whether we still have tickets and then simply pay for them at the cash desk.

4. How far in advance can I book my tickets?
Tickets can only be booked the day before from around 11 a.m. or on the day itself.

5. I can't choose my preferred date, why is that?
This can have several causes. Either the desired day has not yet been activated (see question 3) or the desired date is already fully booked. Then look for an alternative timeslot.

6. I have booked a ticket / tickets for the morning, do I have to leave the park at 1:30 pm?
No, the selected period only indicates that you have to arrive during this period. You can then visit the park for as long as you want.

7. My order status is still open. Did my reservation work?
We have received your reservation. Your tickets are valid.

8. The e-tickets were not sent to me, what should I do?
You can view and download your e-tickets in your account. You can find out how this works here: If you have any problems, you can also show this order confirmation email at the checkout and enter the park.

9. The payment did not work. What should I do?
You can show this order confirmation and pay for your tickets at the cash desk. In any case, we have received your ticket booking and the tickets are reserved for you.

10. I don't have a printer. How do I proceed?
This is not a problem. You do not have to print the tickets or the order confirmation. Simply show this at the checkout. We also have our documentation sheet on display at the cash desk.

11. I cannot come to the park during the selected period. Can I rebook or cancel?
A rebooking or cancellation is unfortunately not possible. You can find more information in our Zoo rules.

12. My annual pass has expired and I want to extend it. Can I still book the reservation tickets?
Simply book the reservation tickets in the online shop and then go to the Service Point. Your card can be extended here.

13. I cannot select “order with obligation to pay”. What should I do?
Please change your payment method. The payment method "advance payment" does not work for the ticket booking.

14. I would like to buy an annual pass and book tickets. What should I do?
Simply book day tickets via our online shop and bring your completed annual ticket application with you when you visit the zoo:

After your visit you can pay for your new annual pass. The day tickets are deducted from the price of the annual tickets.

15. I have general questions about the Park du or / about the hygiene concept.
You can find all the important information here: up our website.


If your question is not answered here, please contact our colleagues at [email protected] or 05921 712 00 65.