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Ellen DeGeneres drank 3 'weed drinks' right before she had to rush Portia de Rossi to the ER for emergency surgery

  • said she drank three "drinks" right before taking her wife to the hospital.
  • Her wife, had to get emergency surgery to remove her appendix in March.
  • DeGeneres said that de Rossi tried to use "" tickets to bargain for more painkillers.

Ellen DeGeneres said she drank three "weed drinks" and took several melatonin supplements right before she had to take her wife, Portia de Rossi, to the hospital for emergency surgery back in March.

DeGeneres opened up about the night of de Rossi's emergency appendectomy (the surgery required to remove the appendix when it becomes inflamed or infected resulting in appendicitis) during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Tuesday.

DeGeneres told Kimmel that she drank the weed-infused drinks, which were a gift from comedian Chelsea Handler, after de Rossi went to bed early. "I drank one and I didn't feel anything. So, I drank three," DeGeneres told Kimmel about the beverage. "And then I took two melatonin sleep pills."

Shortly afterward, DeGeneres said she had to take de Rossi to the emergency room after finding her "on the ground, on all fours" from pain.

When Kimmel asked if she DeGeneres drove the car herself, the comedian and talk-show host said her adrenaline "kicked in" once she was behind the steering wheel.

"It's probably not safe, I shouldn't be saying any of this," DeGeneres said as the audience laughed.

The beverage that DeGeneres drank that night, called Cann, is "microdosed with cannabis," which refers to the plant containing THC (the chemical that makes you feel "high") and CBD (which has no psychoactive effects, unlike THC).

DeGeneres says she 'never liked' weed

Even though DeGeneres made an appearance on Kimmel's show on April 20 (which has become an unofficial holiday for marijuana users) she says she is not particularly fund of weed.

"I hate pot. I really hate the way it feels," DeGeneres told Kimmel.

"People have pushed gummies [with weed] on me 'cause they're like,' Oh it's nothing like that, '" she continued. "As a matter of fact, my assistant Craig gave me a gummy because he had a hard time sleeping."

"I thought I was going to die," DeGeneres said about her experience eating the weed-infused gummy.

DeGeneres previously said she couldn't stay at the hospital with de Rossi

Even though DeGeneres drove de Rossi to the hospital, they had to part ways for the rest of the night due to coronavirus safety protocols.

The couple kept in touch through text messages, DeGeneres told the audience on her show a few days after the surgery in March.

"That's upsetting to me. They send me home and I'm crying, because someone was chopping onions at the nurse's station," she said. DeGeneres told Kimmel that de Rossi tried to use tickets to "The Ellen Show" to bargain for more painkillers during the surgery. Sadly, the nurse on duty declined.

"She technically could not. She wanted to. It was tempting," DeGeneres said.