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Australia is the flattest and driest continent on earth and the country is huge! By European standards, it stretches from Lisbon to Moscow or from Norway to Turkey. Perth is the capital of the state Western Australia and is considered to be the "most remote big city in the world", isolated from other settlements in the country by the great Australian desert.

Local residents routinely describe Perth as the most isolated city in the world. The city is separated from other cities by vast tracks of desert and sparsely populated outback regions.

Perth: Green, cozy & sunny

The city of Perth was founded in 1829 on the banks of the Swan River and is only a few kilometers from the Indian Ocean. Around 1.8 million people live in multicultural Perth, where 40% of the population were born abroad. I got to know the sunniest city in Australia as a personable, relaxed and extremely green city and would now like to introduce you to my personal highlights that have made Perth and the surrounding area for me.

Laid-back Perth has wonderful weather (3000 hours of sunshine a year) and an easy-going character. It's a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city, with myriad bars, restaurants and cultural activities, but also easy to chill out in Perth ...

  1. Kings Park

    With its 400 hectare park, Kings Park is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world and, for me, is one of the most beautiful city parks I've ever seen. Concerts take place here, there are cafes, free guided tours, a treetop walk (Lotterywest Federation Walkway 9 am-5pm), the DNA observation tower and the botanical garden. Apart from that, you can relax in the green meadows, have a picnic and listen to the birds, the crows being some of the loudest and most annoying I have ever met! The view from Kings Park on the skyline of the city is unique and it is particularly worthwhile to enjoy this view at sunset. In Perth, you can use the free CAT bus system within the city center - and all the way to Kings Park.

    Kings Park // Fraser Avenue, 6005 Perth // Hours of Operation & Entry: Daily & Free

    When you want to chill out in Perth, it's easy to do that. Perth’s pristine parkland, nearby bush, and beaches - along with a very good inner city public-transport system - allow its inhabitants to spread out and enjoy what's on offer.

    Beautiful Kings Park is a true gem in the city and one of the largest inner city parks in the world!

    Climb the DNA Tower in Kings Park to have an amazing view over Perth:)

  2. Town center and northbridge

    Perth city center with its old Victorian buildings that are busy Murray Street & Hay Street Mall and the pretty one London Court can be visited in a short time. Perth city center is also green and offers enough places to relax. iCity Tours offers daily free city tours as well as themed tours (Unfortunately, I did not enjoy such a tour as there were no iCity volunteers!). Right next to the city center is the Northbridge district, which is considered the entertainment and nightlife district of the city. If you want to make Perth unsafe at night or are just looking for good Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, Northbridge is sure to get your money's worth.

    Discover Perth central business district with London Court: a three- and four-level open-roofed shopping arcade, built in 1937.

  3. Heirisson Island

    Heirisson Island is the small city island in the Swan River between eastern and southern Perth. The island can be reached on foot on a long walk from the city center and offers a small excursion idyll with two crisp hiking trails and five island-dwelling city kangaroos, which will delight every visitor if you find them!

    Heirisson Island is an island in the Swan River in Western Australia between the suburbs of East Perth and Victoria Park and is connected to the two foreshores by The Causeway.

    If you're lucky you might just spot a Joey kangaroo hanging around at Heirisson Island!

  4. Elizabeth Quay and budget-friendly Indian cuisine

    Elizabeth Quay is the entertainment harbor of Perth, which offers a lot of live music, good food stalls and bars in the summer and gives the city center a certain charm. Incidentally, this is also where the highly praised and characteristic one is located Bell Tower, which was built in 1999 for the millennium and bells from the Martin-in-the-Fields Church houses a gift from England. Every tour guide praises the tower, but that is exactly what the tower seems to be - above all an attraction for tourists and less for them Locals. If you still want to visit the Bell Tower, you should do so on Wednesday or Friday between 11.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. to be able to ring the bells yourself. From Elizabeth Quay you can book all kinds of excursions, including a trip to the beautiful island Rottnest Island take the "selfie-mad" Quokkas or take the Transperth Ferry to the south of Perth.

    tip: My personal culinary highlight at Elizabeth Quay is the vegetarian food in the Indian temple complex Annalakshmi, which offers very simple & budget-friendly, good Indian food on the 2nd floor with a great view of the Swan River. Between 12 noon and 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. you can eat as much as you want and at the end of the day you pay with an honest donation for what the food is worth to you personally. The restaurant is run by volunteers. If you like vegetarian Indian food and are on a budget, I recommend Annalakshmi on the Swan.

Annalakshmi on the Swan // Jetty 4, Barrack Square 6000 Perth // Opening times: daily from 12 noon-2 p.m. and 6 p.m.-9 p.m.

Anchored by the broad Swan River flowing past skyscrapers and out to the Indian Ocean, the city boasts recent developments like Elizabeth Quay which has added a more cosmopolitan touch to this traditionally laid-back town.

Try Annalakshmi on the Swan's simple, but delicious vegetarian Indian food on Barrack Street Jetty. Eat to your heart’s content and pay with what you think it's worth. A great concept and an amazing place :)

Fremantle: Follow routes steeped in history and feast

Fremantle was founded as a port city in the same year as Perth and is located around 20 kilometers from Perth. You can get there in half an hour by train. Fremantle has a wider variety of well-preserved Victorian buildings from the mid-19th century than the city of Perth, which saw many listed buildings give way to skyscrapers between the 1960s and 80s. Strolling the streets of Fremantle is definitely worth it, as well as stopping for a coffee or drink in the lively Cappuccino strip (Fremantle's café and restaurant mile). Fremantle is also known for that Fremantle Prison, the only UNESCO World Heritage listed building in Western Australia built by ex-prisoners in the 1850s. A visit to the pretty waterfront district of Fremantle is also worthwhile. The port, which was built in the 19th century, is still used as such, but above all the district offers a great view of the Indian Ocean and the fantastic Rottnest Island. There is also delicious fresh fish. My personal highlight in Fremantle, however, is the Friday and weekend events that have been in operation since 1897 Fremantle Market. Whether buying fruit and vegetables, Turkish gozleme, Asian specialties or coconut frozen yoghurt, this market offers enough to feast on and, above all, there is a lot of tastings if you keep your eyes open. In addition to fresh local products, there are also local handicrafts, jewelry and clothing as well as live music at the over 150 stands.

Fremantle Markets // Corner South Terrace & Henderson Street, 6959 Fremantle // Hours of Operation: Friday 9 am-8pm and Sat & Sun 9 am-6pm

The pleasant city of Fremantle is WA's chief port and is situated at the mouth of the Swan River, just a 28 minute train ride from Perth.

Take a stroll around Fremantle's center streets to see beautiful Victorian-era buildings, visit the enchanting harbor and on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays visit the Fremantle Markets with over 150 stalls of beautiful products of all kinds including handicrafts, specialty foods, and a beautiful fruit and vegetable market.

Pinnacles: Fascinating stone formations in golden light

The Pinnacles desert is part of the Nambung National Park and is located 200 kilometers north of Perth, near the small town of Cervantes. The desert consists of thousands of limestones, the so-called "pinnacles". These magnificent rock formations are up to 5 meters tall and up to 2 meters wide and were formed over 25,000 years ago after the sea receded and left layers of seashells behind. Over time, the coastal wind has blown away the surrounding sand and left the rock towers exposed to the forces of nature. A stroll in the golden light of the golden desert of the Pinnacles creates a strange feeling of isolation and fascination. It feels a bit like a "moonwalk" or a visit to another planet. In any case, it is unique - as unique as each of the Pinnacles shines in its very own shape in the sand sea of ​​the rocks. Mushrooms, cones, fingers or mystical animals - the Pinnacles offer a small, golden, surreal dream world in western Australia.

The beautiful Pinnacles Desert is located 200 km north of Perth. These amazing natural limestone structures in the Nambung National Park were formed over 25,000 years ago!

Beautiful Pinnacle rising out of the desert floor like something from a lunar landscape © Mick Eidam Photography

PS: Many thanks at this point to a really great couple, the photographer Mick and his wife Margret, for their hospitality, which made Perth something special for me, as well as to Abu for his kind words and conversations.

The beautiful & unique Pinnacles in Western Australia are well worth a visit:)

Beautiful Pinnacle rising out of the desert floor like something from a lunar landscape:) photo taken by Mick Eidam

Until then! Your Antje

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