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Avonlea School

Avonlea School


The Avonlea School was a village school in Avonlea.

History [edit | Edit source]

Before Anne's arrival at Green Gables Edit source]

Many years before the beginning of the book Anne on Green Gables, the children from Avonlea attended the Avonlea school. They included Marilla Cuthbert, Rachel and Thomas Lynde, John and David Blythe, George Barry, Harmon Andrews and his future wife, and Isabella Andrews.

Around 1865 a teacher named Diana was teaching at the school. George Barry and his wife named their eldest daughter, who was born in February 1865, after her.

By the time Anne Shirley came to Green Gables, Billy Andrews, the eldest son of Harmon Andrews and his wife, was already out of school.

Enrollment of Anne's later classmates [edit | Edit source]

In 1871, future classmates of Anne came to Avonlea School. They included Diana Barry, Jane Andrews, Ruby Gillis, Charlie Sloane, and Moody Spurgeon MacPherson. The next year Josie Pye, who was a year younger than Anne, also started school. Because Gilbert Blythe was two years older than Anne and her friends, he started school early, but due to an illness of his father, missed three years living with his father in Alberta. So he learned what Anne did when she started school in Avonlea. There was only one class in the school. That's why Prissy Andrews went to Anne's class, even though Prissy was 16 years old and Anne only eleven. Later, when Anne was teaching, 11-year-old Paul Irving was in the same class as seven-year-old Dora and Davy Keith.

Anne's first meeting with Gilbert Blythe Edit source]

When Anne started school, the teacher was teaching Mr. Phillips. Anne didn't like him very much because he was twirling his mustache and because she noticed on her first day at school that Mr. Phillips was making Prissy Andrew's eyes. Anne sat next to Diana Barry.

At the beginning of the school year, Gilbert Blythe was with relatives. It wasn't until Anne had been at school for three weeks that he came back to school. To get Anne's attention, he named her "Carrot". Because Anne hated being called that because of her red hair, she smashed the slate on Gilbert's head and had to stand in front of the board all afternoon as a punishment.

When Anne no longer wanted to go to school Edit source]

A few days later, Mr. Phillips wanted to change the strings and announced that he would punish any student who came back to school late after lunch. Still, some were late, including Anne. Mr Phillips didn't feel like punishing everyone, but because he had to keep his word, he put Anne next to Gilbert. On the way home, Anne explained to her friend Diana Barry that she would no longer go to school. She said the same to Marilla Cuthbert. At first Marilla didn't want Anne to study at home, but Rachel Lynde said she should let her have her own way and Anne would soon calm down and go back to school. That's why Anne studied at home from then on.

In October, Anne invited Diana to tea, and Diana told her about school, that she was now sitting next to Josie Pye and that everyone was missing Anne.

Anne gave Diana redcurrant juice to drink. After the third glass, Diana felt sick and Anne had to take her home. Two days later, she learned from Mrs. Lynde that Diana's mother was mad at her because Diana had come home drunk. Marilla discovered that Anne had given Diana redcurrant wine and not redcurrant juice. Despite apologies from Marilla and Anne, Mrs. Barry forbade Diana to ever speak to Anne again, so Anne went back to school to at least see Diana again. Marilla was very relieved about it.

Anne's return to school Edit source]

Mr Phillips put Anne next to Minnie Andrews on her return. From then on Anne got along better with Mr Phillips. She and Diana wrote letters in which they vowed an eternal friendship.

Some time later, Anne saved the life of Minnie May Barry, Diana's sister, who was sick with Krupp. After that, Mrs. Barry allowed Diana to be Anne's girlfriend again. The next day they asked Mr. Phillips if they could sit together again.

Mr Phillips' farewell Edit source]

In the summer of 1877, Mr. Phillips left Avonlea School. At his farewell speech, all of the students cried, including Anne and Ruby Gillis, even though Ruby had always said she couldn't stand Mr. Phillips.

The new teacher Edit source]

After the summer break, Anne and her classmates got a new teacher, Miss Muriel Stacy. She had her students recite poems and small plays every Friday afternoon. She often went out with her students to look for grass, flowers and birds with them. There was gymnastics every morning and afternoon because she thought it was good for posture and digestion. In November, she suggested holding a Christmas lecture evening to raise money to buy a new flag for the schoolhouse.

In April 1878, Anne Shirley came to school with short hair and Josie Pye told her that she looked like a scarecrow. However, only Anne and her friend Diana Barry knew why Anne's hair was so short: Marilla Cuthbert had to cut it off after Anne accidentally dyed it green.

The additional lessons [edit | Edit source]

Miss Stacy took some of her students to extra classes to help them pass Queen's College entrance exams. The group included Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe, Jane Andrews, Ruby Gillis, Josie Pye, Charlie Sloane, and Moody Spurgeon MacPherson. All passed the entrance exam, with Anne being the best ahead of Gilbert. A year before the exam, Miss Stacy considered leaving Avonlea School because of a job offer from her hometown, but she stayed because she couldn't bring herself to leave her students before the entrance exam. With the entrance exam, however, Miss Stacy's service at the Avonlea School ended.

Anne's studies at Queen's College Edit source]

When Anne and the others were studying at Queen's College, Diana Barry attended school for another year. Her teacher's name is not mentioned in the German versions of the books, but in the English version of Anne on Green Gables her name is Miss Ames. The German version of Anne in Avonlea only mentions that a teacher was teaching that school year.

After Anne's studies Edit source]

After graduating, Anne initially wanted to go to Redmond College, but Matthew Cuthbert died during the summer vacation and Marilla couldn't stay alone because she had bad eyesight. That's why Anne stayed with her. She originally wanted to teach in Carmody, but got the position in Avonlea because Gilbert Blythe withdrew his application.

Anne's first day as a teacher Edit source]

On her first day as a teacher, Anne wanted to give a speech, but she couldn't remember. After class, Mrs. H.B.Donnell came in and told Anne to mispronounce the surname Donnell and to name her son St. Clair. Anne also became friends with Paul Irving.

Rachel Lynde intercepted students at the school gate and told Anne that everyone but Anthony Pye loved her.

A pitch black day [edit | Edit source]

Anne woke up one winter morning with a toothache after a sleepless and restless night. When she was examining second grade reading at school, Barbara Shaw went to her with an arithmetic problem, but she tripped over a coal pail. The bad-tempered Anne told her that she was a shame for a girl her age.

When St. Clair Donnell was half an hour late to help his mother prepare the pudding, Anne gave him six tasks as a punishment. Shortly afterwards he passed a package on to Joseph Sloane. Anne caught him, thought there was a nutcake in the package, and ordered Joseph to put it in the oven. In reality there were firecrackers and fire wheels in the package and fireworks went off in the stove. Anne sank down in her chair, pale with horror. After she had composed herself again, she opened all the windows and the door. Prillie Rogerson had passed out and Anne was helping the girls carry her into the hallway.

When it was quiet an hour later, Anne continued teaching. The geography class was rushed through a continent and the language teaching class was put through its paces.

After lunch, Anne came back to school and opened the drawer of her desk to get out some chalk. A mouse jumped out from under her hands, ran across the table, and jumped to the floor. Anne screamed and leapt backwards and Anthony Pye burst out laughing.

When the class was quiet again, Anne asked Anthony if he had put the mouse in the drawer, who cheekily admitted it. Anne beat him up with her pointer as a punishment and was appalled afterwards. At home she cried and Marilla comforted her with plum cream puffs.

The next day Anne met Anthony on the way to school, who carried her books for her and was respectful of her. Rachel Lynde told her that she had won Anthony's affection.

Dora and Davy at school Edit source]

Before the new school year, Anne Gilbert said that the school authorities had promised to put a fence around the school next year. She also announced that she would hold a tree-planting day with her students, on which each student would plant a tree if the school authorities kept their promise, and that they would plant a garden in the corner of the street.

In the new school year, Dora and Davy Keith started school. Davy sat next to Milty Boulter and Dora next to Mirabel Cotton, who told her about her late uncle who snuck around the house after his funeral. Because this story frightened Dora, Anne asked Mirabel not to speak to Dora about her uncle and her deceased family members.

Anne's resignation [edit | Edit source]

In June 1883, Anne had an opportunity to go to Redmond College after Marilla was taking in Rachel Lynde, whose husband had died. So Anne quit her job in Avonlea, which all of her students were very sad about. Anne's successor was Jane Andrews.

Later [edit | Edit source]

Davy Keith wrote Anne a letter mentioning that Jane was much more stupid than she was.

After a year Jane went to the United States and with Mr. Holmes a male teacher was once again teaching in Avonlea. He was the first male teacher since Mr. Phillips left school. In 1885 he fell ill and was replaced by Miss Carson. She gave Davy Keith and Milty Boulter ten tasks. Marilla Cuthbert insisted that Davy do the tasks, but Milty said he wouldn't.

In 1899, Olivia Sloane started teaching at the school. How long she remained a teacher is not known.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

The school was a village school. It was a little off the road and behind her there was a small stream, into which the students would put their milk bottles in the mornings so that they would stay cool until the lunch break. The school building was plastered white, had a flat roof and wide windows. The only classroom had sturdy, old-fashioned student desks with hinged writing boards that had been written on by generations of students.

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