Drake, how about Zippyshare now

Kylie Jenner What's up with Drake? Now an insider is unpacking about the couple status

Actually, many fans of Kylie Jenner (22) were waiting for an engagement with Travis Scott (28). Or for another baby news after their daughter Stormi. But they got something completely different: The separation of Kylie and Travis. Just a few days before the split was made public, the "Playboy" issue appeared, in which Kylie and Travis posed together. But as soon as the two were separated, Kylie had a new boy in her sights - at least according to rumors. He was absolutely not unknown: it was world star Drake.

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Insider unpacks: That's Kylie & Drake's business

At the beginning of the rumors, an insider spoke to People and revealed that Kylie had already spent a lot of time with Drake just four weeks after breaking up with Travis. The magazine quoted the insider as saying that they "have been friends for a long time". The other Kardashians also know the rapper well: "Drake is very close to the family," it said.

In addition, the insider was sure at the time that the two would have met in a "romantic way". It goes without saying that this report caused a great stir. Looked at soberly, it wouldn't really be surprising. Because all of Kylie's (publicly known) boyfriends were musicians. So it would definitely fit into their prey scheme.

Kylie and Drake did not comment on the rumors themselves. But now another source spoke to the US media and gave an update on the possible couple status of the two. But whoever has happily shipped Kylie and Drake must now throw these hopes overboard. Because they are definitely not meant to be a couple. "Drake has definitely overcome all kinds of romantic feelings about Kylie, and it's purely platonic between them at this point," the insider told HollywoodLife. The rumors were probably true that the two had spent a lot of time together in recent weeks and flirted very heavily. But nothing more was created.

The reason for this is very simple: Neither of them want to jeopardize their long-term friendship because of such a brief flirtation. Was it because of Kylie's ex Travis? He is said to be on many dates at the moment, but also to spend some time with Kylie and their daughter Stormi. So they should still appreciate each other very much. Both Kylie and Travis should not rule out a comeback of the relationship. Who knows, maybe the upcoming festival of love will bring the former dream couple back together. There couldn't be a nicer Christmas present for little Stormi.