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For globalized medicine, "euthanasia" is the norm

December 1998 Moritz Nestor

For globalized medicine, “euthanasia” is the norm


The “Fraunhofer Institute for System Technology and Innovation Research” in Germany recently published the “Delphi study on the global development of science and technology”. The results of the mammoth survey “Delphi 98” are published in it. Around 1,000 theses and questions were presented to 7,000 experts. One of the topics was “Health and Life Processes”. The chapter “Advances in Medicine” summarizes what the “experts” surveyed expect from “globalized medicine”. The expression “globalized medicine” makes you think: Isn't medicine one of the few areas in which mankind has long been cooperating around the world?

Until around 2020 - according to “Delphi 98” - there will be therapy against Alzheimer's. AIDS is curable. A vaccination against it is possible. The risk of developing cancer, high blood pressure and other diseases has become predictable with genome analysis. The causes of diabetes, hypertension and arteriosclerosis are known. There is a new insulin preparation for diabetics that can be administered orally. Parkinson's disease has also become treatable. The neurochemical processes of alcoholism and its genetic components are known. The need for organ donors will be met.

In spite of all medical advances, however, there will still be no cure in many cases for “globalized medicine” either. But - according to the study “Delphi- '98” - from about the years 2008 to 2017 there would then be “recognized procedures for prognosis of the course of the disease, so that a decision can be made about euthanasia at the request of the patient”!

For Marx, international monopoly capitalism was the last stage before the final collapse of capitalism. The ruling left in Europe and America have long since made their peace with the wandering capital of George Soros, Ted Turner, Bill Gates and others and are betting on “globalization”. Whole national economies can be plunged into severe crises through manipulation with free international capital on the international stock exchanges. The blame is placed on capitalism. The left has recognized a decisive power factor that brings the old dream of left world domination closer again.

Will “globalized medicine” then become a means of disposing of those that no longer have any value in both the Marxist and the capitalist worldview? The socialist Jacques Attali, the former personal advisor to Mitterand and President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, called for this back in 1991:

“As soon as he passes the age of 60-65, man lives longer than his ability to produce and then he costs society a lot of money. Indeed, from a societal point of view, it is preferable for the human machine to stop suddenly rather than face a progressive decline. ... Euthanasia will definitely be one of the most important tools for the future of societies. In the logic of socialism - to begin with - the problem must be presented as follows: The collectivist logic is freedom. Basic freedom is suicide. Accordingly, the right to commit suicide, either directly or indirectly, is an absolute value in such a society. "

In the Marxist world and human image that Attali follows here, people are worth just as much as they bring in as “exchange value” on the labor market. If he can no longer work, it is no longer a human, but a "human machine" that can be "switched off" without hesitation. The Nazis called this "useless eaters". Browns and reds - each in their own way - are doing the "destruction of life unworthy of life".

Against this background, isn't it worrying when the current French State Secretary for Health and co-founder of “Doctors Without Borders”, the socialist doctor Kouchner, recently praised a “change in awareness” in the French medical community?

This praise meant the case of the French doctor Duffaut, with whom the French “euthanasia” campaign inflicted a catastrophic defeat on the universal human right to life: to date, all French medical associations have been closed against the approval of patient killings. All French doctors were bound by Article 38 of the "Code de déontologie médicale": "The doctor does not have the right to intentionally cause death."

In October this year, the Medical Association of the Midi-Pyrénées region broke out of this consensus of humanity and decided not to initiate disciplinary proceedings against a colleague, even though he had confessed to having deliberately killed a coma patient. The public prosecutor's office had previously signaled that they would endorse the judgment of the medical association. The socialist State Secretary for Health, Kouchner, triumphed over this decision: “I am delighted with this decision, which testifies to the great humanity of the Medical Association.” When will it be “humane” not only to intentionally kill coma patients, but also other sick people because they are considered useless for the (socialist) society? This door, which has now been pushed open, will be opened further in small steps. After the “incurable” come the “old”, then the “cripples” and “mentally ill” and then ...? Jaque Attali meant nothing else when he said that if “man [lives] longer than his ability to produce then he costs society a lot of money” and when, as a Marxist, he calls for euthanasia as one of the most important instruments for socialist society.

This time under the socialist flag comes the “mercy death”! It's that simple: A majority decides that "out of humanity" may be killed! To this end, Hitler had to march and lynch battalions, eliminate the opposition and bring parliament and the press into line. In the beautiful new globalized Europe, however, the mercy of “useless eaters” is introduced by vote behind the Potemkin facade of a hollowed-out democratic constitutional state.

In this light one reads with very bad feelings the report that the same socialist State Secretary Kouchner, who considers the deliberate killing of the sick to be “humane”, has presented a “three-year plan” for a “gentle death”! 30 million marks have been made available for this in 1999! What is meant by this when this three-year plan of the socialist “euthanasia” ideologist in the highest state position also provides for the formation of “specialized teams” that “accompany the sick person in the process of dying”? Isn't this question all the more urgent when you know that Kouchner was not thinking of ecclesiastical or other pastoral support from these “specialized teams” who “accompany the dying process”!

However, this first acquittal for the willful killing of a patient also puts judges and prosecutors under pressure in another court case. French judges must judge whether a nurse in Paris is guilty of premeditated homicide. She has already confessed to killing “incurable people” in around 30 cases in order to “shorten their suffering”. Or will the judge follow the guidelines of the socially oriented politician and also be impressed “by the great humanity of the medical association”? As the German courts once passed more and more political judgments, a similar process could start here, this time from the left.