What is Uncited Indexed Journal Pakistan

  • The radical Islamic Hamas continues the air strikes on Israel. "The civilians suffer most," says Israeli military spokesman Arye Sharuz Shalicar. Still, Hamas will not emerge victorious. She has reached her limits.

  • Muslim anti-Semites show their hatred more openly than ever. So far, politics seems rather helpless. The problem has several dimensions - including socialization, integration and immigration management. How can Germany take countermeasures?

  • A video shared ten thousand times on the Internet appears to show young Jews at the Western Wall cheering the al-Aqsa mosque on fire. But the reality is different.

  • The bond between the Jewish state and its new Arab allies in the Gulf has been strengthened rather than weakened by the Hamas terror. Because the rockets from Gaza are flying for a reason that has little to do with Israel - but a lot with events in a completely different country.