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How many breeds of dogs are there - 2021! The current number

The emergence of dog breeds

Dog ownership began around 12,000 BC. As a result of domestication, not only the behavior but also the appearance of dogs have changed over the years. Although not 100% proven, it can be assumed that humans began very early to mate such dogs with each other, which stood out with particularly good performance. So the strongest and healthiest were automatically used for reproduction. It can also be assumed that a very strict selection was carried out.

There was breed breeding at the royal courts from an early age. A race history can only be spoken of since the 19th century. From this point on, dog breeders have joined together in breed associations to work together for the interests of a certain breed of dog. Pedigree tables, stud books and precisely defined and described standards are proof of their efforts to monitor the continuity and purity of a breed and to maintain and continuously promote their own established criteria and qualities.