Itl 2000 secure dialer wholesale flowers

ITL 2000 II ™ Dialer Set

Take advantage of electronic technology when working on safe and vault combination locks!

Attach the dialer on Friday evening and return to an open safe or vault on Monday morning!

Just attach the ITL 2000 II ™ to a standard combination lock and follow the simple instructions. Sit back and watch as the computer and drive motor work away for you. The automatic dialer will soon have opened the lock, saving you time, material and expenses.

The ITL 2000 II ™ can detect the right combination among the million possible combinations of a standard three-wheel number combination lock in less than 30 hours. If one number is already known, the dialer can open simple locks in less than an hour.

The ITL 2000 II ™ is powerful enough to open even a Mosler 302S!

The benefits at a glance:

  • Easy to program by tapping the keypad
  • Designed to operate unattended
  • The program is terminated automatically as soon as the right combination has been found

Wheels can be dialed:

  • - to a number
  • - to any possible number wheel position
  • - through a predetermined range of numbers
  • Programmed not to dial / select numbers in the forbidden zone
  • Four selectable speeds for loose and unlocked wheels

Weight: 6.5 kg