Grindr symbols what do they mean

[Gallery] This is what the new Grindr emojis mean

An emoji is worth a thousand words. This is probably what the creators of the popular gay dating app Grindr thought too - and developed their own set of popular symbols for their app. And these leave nothing to be desired in terms of clarity - even if they have passed the tough child protection controls of Google and Apple.

Top, bottom, tail photo: in the future you won't need any more words

The answer to the question “Top or Bottom” on many dates could in future consist of a bunk bed emoji: In one of them there is a sexy guy on top, in the other on the bottom. And if you would like a photo of the best piece on your date, you will probably send every emoji that shows a polaroid of an eggplant - the symbol for the penis that has now become widespread worldwide.

In the future, it will also be possible to say without words whether you can travel for your date or invite them over. A cute “gym bunny” - in the truest sense of the word - is also part of the character set. Angels or devils are just as much a part of it as emojis of leather types in various positions, jockstraps or one or the other sexual preference.

The protection of minors at Apple and Google was creatively circumvented

With some symbols, the Grindr team was very creative in order to be able to represent non-adult yet adult-free. A wristwatch with a time display of 4:20 a.m. stands for smoking weed - in the USA, “4-20” is a common term for it. A blue pill with the label “701”, on the other hand, is supposed to symbolize the HIV drug Truvada - and probably show that the date is at least on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

The catfish stands for "catfishing", that is, assuming a foreign identity - you can use this emoji when you see your own profile picture on another profile. And you can also break up with the Gridr emojis: three glucose hearts with the imprint “Bye Girl” are sure to be easier for many users.

The emojis are available directly in the dating app for all iOS and Android users who update to the latest version of Grindr. For everyone who wants to use their new emojis outside of Grindr, Grindr also makes the symbols available as a separate "Gaymoji" app.

Incidentally, Grindr provides hundreds of his “Gaymojis” free of charge. If you want to update your gay communication skills to 500 symbols, you have to pay $ 3.99.