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The language of Hawaii - Hawaiian very easily

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Hawaii inspires me in all areas of my life, so of course it made sense that sooner or later I would also deal with the Hawaiian language. I often get messages from readers, maybe even from you, asking whether I could translate this or that or know the meaning. Discovering a language is exciting, I don't just deal with memorizing the vocabulary, but rather with the origin, the language itself and much more.

The language of Hawaii - pure fascination

There was one thing that fascinated me more than just Hawaiian. In fact, that it is really spoken in pictures. The Hawaiian language has a certain grammar too, but everything is very figurative. In German we use so many words to paraphrase a lot that could actually be said in one sentence. In Hawaiian, on the other hand, the images we see are shaped into words. The descriptive word is dragged forward. So when we say in German that women are beautiful. Do you say in Hawaiian, the woman is beautiful.

But what fascinates and inspires me even more personally is the sound of language. Hawaiian always sounds harmonious and like a song, I think. So much of local life can be heard in the language itself. It doesn't sound harsh, harsh, or demanding. It sounds harmonious, loving and melodic.

I would like to take the word Moana * as an example, as Hawaii lovers we all know the film by now. But not all people know the meaning. Moana means sea. In the story, the little girl is more or less attracted to the sea and is totally fascinated by it. She also makes friends with the sea, which is why this name was her destiny. The name symbolizes the connection between her and the sea, or her and her task in life. So much magic in just one word.

Let's take the word Aloha *, which we probably all know and with which you can really score points with the locals in Hawaii, but more on that in a moment. Aloha is used as a greeting to express love, it is a state, an attitude to life * and so much more. But if you take a closer look at the word, there's so much more to it. Aloha is split into the 5 words that you can find all over the islands.

The Language of Hawaii - The Meaning of Aloha

A stands for Akahai. That means cordiality that is shown to people and nature with warmth.

L stands for L.ōkahi. That means community that is lived in harmony with everything that surrounds us.

O stands for 'Olu’olu. That means being kind, in which one is always friendly.

H stands for Ha'aha'a. That means humility, which is reflected in decency.

A stands for Ahonnui. That means patience, which is reflected in perseverance and calm.

Do you see how much can be in just one word and without having to use many words. The Hawaiians know about their treasure trove of language, it's crazy how much can be said with just one word without having to use 500 more to explain it, right?

The Language of Hawaii - A Few Words and Phrases

If you are in Hawaii, you will mainly encounter the English language, but with some knowledge of Hawaiian you can really score very well with the Hawaiians. Because they appreciate and honor it when you know how to appreciate their language. It can happen to you that someone buy you a coffee because you Aloha and Mahalo said. Has already happened to me.

The language of Hawaii - words

Aloha - Hello, love, goodbye

Mahalo - thank you

Aloha kakahiaka - good morning

Aloha ahiahi - good evening

'Ae - yes

A’ole - No.

Ohana - family

Hoaloha - friend

Kama’aina - local

Kāne - man

Keiki - child

Tūtū wahine - grandmother

Tūtū kāne - grandfather

Wahine - woman

Halakahiki - pineapple

Hale - house

Honu - turtle

Lei - flower chain

Makai - towards the sea (with directions)

Mauka - towards the mountains (with directions)

Moana - sea

Niu - coconut

Wailele - waterfall

Nani - beautiful

Ono - delicious

The language of Hawaii - phrases

Pehea 'oe? - How are you?

Maika’i au. - I am fine

‘O wai kou inoa? - What's your name?

Aloha au ia 'oe. - I love you.

Kala mai ia’u. - Sorry

E’ai kaua. - Good Appetite.

E komo may. - Welcome.

E’olu’olu. - You're welcome.

Hau’oli la Hanau. - Happy Birthday.

Mele Kalikimaka. - Merry Christmas.

If you want to learn something Hawaiian *, I'll practice it with the free Duolingo app for my smartphone.

What else would you like to know in Hawaiian? Write it down here and I'll add it to you.



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